Route 666 Haunted Hayride

Remember hayride season when you were a kid? The cider. The donuts. The sing-a-longs. Well, folks, this is not the hayride of your youth. Route 666 is known as the devil's hayride. As one of the best haunted hayrides in Michigan, Route 666 comes to life as the sun goes down and the chilly autumn air wraps tight around you. You would do well to hold tight to your neighbor, as no one knows exactly what (or who) lurks in these fields. Your trip down Route 666 is powered by good, old-fashioned nightmare fuel. Won't you take a ride?

Route 666 is rated as one of the best haunted hayrides in Michigan. It rolls in Stockbridge, a few degrees west of Hell and an easy drive from Jackson, Ann Arbor and Lansing. This haunted hayride is just is one of several scream-inducing attractions at The Bone Yard Scare Park. One low price is your passage you into each and every one of them. Get your tickets online and take a get your kicks on Route 666.


“I travel for work a lot and thought that a hayride wouldn’t be a big deal and I would be the one comforting my friends... I was wrong... dead, wrong. This wasn’t just another hayride, this was something stright out of HELL.... to be honest, I don’t want to even talk about it.”
Sparky Copincharge, State Police