Deadwood Forest Haunted Woods

Long ago, Deadwood Forest Haunted Woods used to be a thriving rural community, united by an appreciation for hard work and respect for thy neighbor. Then, everything changed. The ground began to grow warmer, they say. Local crops began to wilt long before the harvest season. The smell of sulfur could be noted in the water. With food and water becoming scarce, the people... they changed. Many left, searching out better fortune, if not basic survival. Some, however, stayed. In time, nature has reclaimed this land, but make no mistake about it, something very unnatural still remains.

Feel the ground beneath your feet rumble as you step lightly through Deadwood Forest. Feel every hair on your neck stand up. Try not to breathe too loudly, as you just might wake up what still lurks in these woods.

Deadwood Forest is among the top haunted woods in Michigan, situated in Stockbridge, a few ticks west of Hell and quick drive from Jackson, Ann Arbor and Lansing. This haunted forest is one of several heart-pounding attractions at The Bone Yard Scare Park. One affordable price gets you into all of them. Get your tickets online and get lost in Deadwood Forest.


“It felt so real... and not just the full size town or the heat of the flames, but the screams, they seem to follow me.... all the way home,”
Billy Clubb, State Prison Officer