The Freak's Show Haunted House

As the waning light of summer gives way to ever-increasing darkness, the spirits among us become more active. The freaks come out at night they say, and this is where they come to. The electromagnetic energy manifests itself not into just balls of light, but unliving entities looking to reclaim this haunted house as their own... any way they can.

The roaring of chainsaws. The collapsing walls. They feed on screams and, with each night, they grow stronger and stronger. As you approach the door—if you approach the door—you'll be greeted by the terror of blood-curdling screams, the clanging of and steel and dripping of... what... what is that dripping? The freaks know. They invite you to find out, too. They'll be waiting.

The Freak's Show is one of the top haunted houses in Michigan, erected in Stockbridge, a little west of Hell and quick trip from Jackson, Ann Arbor and Lansing. It's one of several spine-tingling attractions at The Bone Yard Scare Park. One low price gets you into all of the attractions. What are you waiting for? Make it night to remember... forever.


"I thought the "The Freak's Show" was going to be just another boring haunted house... I was wrong. Once I made it out of this twisted horror show, I asked myself if I really wanted to go through the rest of this living nightmare.... I did... I'm still sleeping with the light on."
Lee Hung, Reporter, The Dead Press News