Scarecrow Hollow Haunted Corn Maze

During the waking hours, the scarecrows stand propped up in the corn with the mission to keep the crows away. And the crows, knowing, stay away. The have seen the eyes move. They have heard the growls. The have sensed the curious brooding that comes from the scarecrows in Scarecrow Hollow. At night, when the darkness rises, so do the scarecrows. They release themselves from their perches, claiming the night for themselves. Woe for the souls who dare tread in this corn, for this is a haunted corn maze you don't want to get lost in.

Around every turn is another surprise. Is that laughter? Who is screaming? Is that hot breath on your neck? Or is it all in your imagination. We'll never tell. And only the scarecrows know for sure.

Scarecrow Hollow is among the best haunted corn mazes in Michigan, located in Stockbridge, just west of Hell and a very short drive from Jackson, Ann Arbor and Lansing. It's just one of several attractions at The Bone Yard Scare Park, and one low price gets you into all of them. So, come on, the scarecrows are waiting for you.


“Growing up in the country, I've seen plenty of corn fields, but this one... this one was different, it seem to be ... ALIVE, breathing, watching, following. All I know is it will be sometime before I go near the corn again.”
Paul Beatman,