The Bone Yard Scare Park

If you are looking for one of the top haunted houses in Michigan, you have found it. The Bone Yard Scare Park, however, is so much more than just a haunted house. The Bone Yard Scare Park in Stockbridge, Michigan (just a short drive from Jackson, Ann Arbor, and Lansing) is four full on frightfests all in one location, including: one of the top haunted houses in Michigan, a chilling corn maze, a haunted hayride, and a frightening forest.

The Freak's Show Haunted House

Think you have experienced everything a haunted house has to offer? Think again. The Freak's Show haunted house is a terror trip like no other. It's where the undead play... and you won't like the games they play. If you decide you want to play, too, we suggest you wear your running shoes, because the exit is never close enough! The freaks come out and night. Will you?

Scarecrow Hollow Corn Maze

As darkness fills the sky, the scarecrows let themselves down from their daily perches and wander the Scarecrow Hollow Corn Maze. And they know how to scare. What lurks around the next corner? Only the scarecrows know for sure. Don't get too lost in this corn maze, because the longer it takes to get out, the more the scarecrows like it.

Deadwood Forest Haunted Woods

Expecting a relaxing walk in the woods? When you stroll through Deadwood Forest, you won't be at one with nature, my friend. You will be at one with the something very, very unnatural. Long ago, the people left this town, but something very sinister remained. And it has been growing and getting stronger every year since. What it is can not be put into words; it must be experienced.

Route 666 Haunted Hayride

If hayrides conjure up images of apple cider, donuts and laughs in your mind, you might want to open your mind a little more. On the Route 666 haunted hayride, the supernatural are along for the ride... and they are not pleasant passengers. Rumor has it, they believe that making it to the end of the ride will release them. The only problem is, either they make it to the end, or you do.